Proposed for the beautiful Perth Hills district

Bakehouse Small Batch Gin Distillery, Cafe and Reception Centre, incorporating an enclave of superbly styled HoneyHives tourist chalets.

We have launched this interim website to allow the local community of Carmel and the greater Hills region access to the preliminary design documentation. To allow each to assess for themselves the positive contribution this community spirited proposal will make to the region.

The proposal by way of design, landscaping, finish and appointment has been carefully considered, and when coupled with future campaigns will target a higher level of clientele. 

This clientele would be described: 
gentrified, discerning, mature,  relaxed and well behaved.

It is seen as critical that all activities on site maintain a "code of conduct" with respect to noise, nuisance and expected behaviours.

The ambiance of the location is considered an asset to the proposal and it is the overriding intent of the proposal to ensure this ambiance is respected and maintained.

To project and reinforce this expectation, all branding and marketing, promotion and pricing shall portray the venture as: exclusive, restful and congenial.

This intention assures immediate neighbours and local community that their peaceful amenity will be respected and maintained.

Download complete plan set of the proposal (8.5mb)

A summarised overview of this proposal will be available here soon.